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I'm 62 years old. I never quit playing with dolls, and I never grew up.

I love the stories behind them, their cute little faces, their clothes, their toys, their personalities.

I love perfect doll clothes and homemade treasures.

My descriptions will be brutally honest and prices fair.

I sold patterns that were my design through Clotilde Sewing Notions and Newark Dressmaker Supply.

I was a member of UFDC and a prestigious local doll club specializing in conservation and preservation of dolls. If I can't answer a question, I can find an expert for you.

I dabble in graphic arts, photography, web design, machine embroidery, CAD programs, pencil portraits and psychology.

I believe in old fashioned simplicity and high quality. My pattern directions are clear, well-written, and I throw in tips.

Sewing patterns will have a 1" grid printed on them so you will know if they print the right size for you.

Enjoy your visit and feel free to write to me!

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Halea's Doll Clothes


I love what I do, and I love to make everything as perfect as I possibly can.

I'm 62 (old) and I have years of designing, researching everything under the sun, and having a blast making and selling anything to do with dolls.

I am so happy to make Zibbet my home.

I hope you will visit often because I will be listing new items daily ... you never know what you will find!