PDF Pattern #LD-35 Sewing Pants To Fit Dianna Effner Little Darling 13"

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Product Description

This is a sewing pattern with cover photo and clearly marked pattern piece only for elastic waist long pants to fit Dianna Effner's 13" Little Darling.

The drawing is done with a professional CAD program.

You should be an intermediate or experienced sewer to use this pattern. The fold lines and seam lines are easy to see and read.

You could manage to sew this pattern if you are a beginner, too, with the help of either YouTube videos; or an experienced sewer. It's an extremely easy pattern.

Your method of finishing seams, or not, is entirely up to you. All your materials and tools are entirely up to you.

I made the pants very plain and you have any number of options for decorating the pants.

The pattern includes a 1" grid to ensure that you can print it out accurately. I suggest printing on card stock or transparency film suited for your printer.

All my patterns are instant downloads after payment has been made.

Each pattern has been tested and re-tested for professional appearance, clarity, and ease of use.

Please do not share copies of these files. My income and survival relies on purchases. You are welcome to make as many outfits for sale as you like. I would sooooo love it if you credit Halea's Doll Clothes with the design.

If you would like to see something for a particular doll, please let me know. I will need a description, link or photo. If I have the doll, I can make something adorable to fit!

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