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Sweater to fit 14.5" WW-81-2


Item collection e1c3105c 1864 4228 b158 9d7bc6709336

Doll Clothes Buttons Fake Pearl 4mm 4 mm BUT-5


Item collection 8f62a275 2f09 4aec 9243 8d5cc70a4c7e

Doll Clothes Buttons Fake Pearl 6mm 6 mm BUT-4


Item collection 0985b677 685c 4452 99cc afbb8066244b



Item collection f58ed652 ff1c 4585 9cb6 6b817ccc4123

PDF Sew Pattern LBW-8454 7.5 Inch Little Betsy Wetsy Doll Clothes


Item collection 7f44c1f8 660b 4c23 bed2 1869286586ee

PDF Sew Pattern TT-7378 Booties Shoes To Fit 12 Inch Tiny Tears


Item collection 533aef5a 8b11 4da0 9ab3 3d61a8fc142b

PDF Knit Pattern WW-81 Cardigan Sweater to fit Wellie Wishers


Item collection d02db02c 0fbb 40b2 91aa 6ae7d8261920

Doll Clothes Shaft Buttons Green 6mm 6 mm BUT-3


Item collection a94e7da6 a365 471d 8477 7a0f4877b339

Sweater and Bonnet to fit 7.5" Little Betsy Wetsy LBW-015


Item collection 51fceb43 cec4 43ce 8976 871e9ccdbf12

Sweater and Bonnet to fit 7.5" Little Betsy Wetsy LBW-001


Item collection 725a972d 602c 4caf a6b8 8112a83ddb69

PDF Knit Pattern MK-81 Sweater to fit Marie Kruse Fashionista Stylista


Item collection b5614ac9 abb6 44be 957a ad9bb55f7e2e

PDF Pattern #22 Hangers for Small to Medium Dolls with Skirt Pants or Bloomers


Item collection 3a37dbe8 48e1 4e82 a683 819601028d2f

PDF Knit Pattern AG-81 to fit American Girl, Magic Attic Club, Bitty Baby


Item collection 260d1246 ad98 4f93 9b05 e67bb19d0188

PDF Knit Pattern LBW-162 Sweater Bonnet to fit Ideal Little Betsy Wetsy


Halea's Doll Clothes


I love what I do, and I love to make everything as perfect as I possibly can.

I'm 62 (old) and I have years of designing, researching everything under the sun, and having a blast making and selling anything to do with dolls.

I am so happy to make Zibbet my home.

I hope you will visit often because I will be listing new items daily ... you never know what you will find!